"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wait! The weekend is over?

Just as soon as the weekend has started, it's over. Sigh, I guess tahrs what worki g on the weekend does. I better get used to it as I seem to have the same schedule next week too. Yipeee.
Was stressed as I went to work today as dh(dear husband) was running late from his morning errands. He knows when I have to leave in order to get to work on time. So why does he push it to the limit each weekend? Why do I let it get to me?It sets such a bad tone for the day. Or at least I let it. I tried to get it out of my system by swearing under my breath a lot.
But then for my break I bought a pack of nuts and I ended up eating the whole pack (too many calories-let's not even go there). How do I get around using food as a reward? 'Cause at the end of my shift I got a gingerbread latte-at least it was a small.
Still haven't done my door to door canvassing, so that is still weighing on me as well-sigh.
And thus ends the day.

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