"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Monday, November 9, 2009

I don't like Monday's

Thank you Boomtown Rats for that lovely song!
Official weigh in day & I can't complain as I wrestled with my demons for the week and took back control of my eating. Of course I have my 'moments' but it seems mostly under control.
What does Mostly mean? For me it means the package of nuts I puchased yesterday lasted for 2 snacks -rather than scarfing the package in one fell swoop.
It means after my second helping of lasagna last night, I put my fork down and munched on a carrot stick.
It means I need to drink more water, rather than rely on tea & coffee.
It means I need to believe in myself that I can keep the weight off that I've already lost and lose a bit more, that I can give up so easily or be so hard on myself.
It means being thankful that I have my health, that my dh & children are happy and healthy.
Maybe Monday's aren't so bad after all.

Starting weight: 210
Weight last week: 173.6
Current weight: 168.4
Change: -5.2

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