"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I did it!

My personal goal of climbing the stairs at least once per day last week was achieved. Partly due to the fact that Monday was a holiday! So for the four remaining days I climbed to the 8th floor 7 times which equals 1,274 stairs climbed!
So I'll up the ante this week and see if I can commit to 2x per day to go up the stairs. It has the added benefit that I get up from my desk & away from the computer screen. I'll check back in next week to report how I did.

Friday, February 18, 2011

182 steps

This is the number of steps to get to my office on the 8th floor. While I'm more than happy to take the steps down, I'm less enthusiastic to take them up. In fact, vie been at this new location for 1 week and I've only gone up the stairs twice. I have a mini-goal to try & take the steps up once per day. Let's see if I can do it- good thing it's only a 4 day work week next week.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Live right now

Tonight was cardio night.
Of course I was running late- seems I always am...
It was pretty funny as there we all were and our cordinator for the evening (I can't even remember his name) said, okay go do cardio for 30-40 min. That's it! Ummm, okay?
So I rode a bike at level 7, hill interval workout for ~30 min, covered 6 miles. Then went to the treadmill and ran 1 mile. All in all, not a bad workout, but I don't think I elevated my heart rate enough, but I guess you don't want to over do it.
Note to self-pick up new schedule.

Coach Approach

Met with my goal coach last night at the Y.
We set a few long term goals, answered some questions/self assessment style, and then she gave me some suggestions on what exercises to try.

Long term Goals

1) Improve overall cardiovascular endurance

2) Improve overall muscle mass

3) Improve overall body composition (decrease body fat, increase muscle mass- see goal #2, toning)

We will meet again in ~ 2 weeks to reassess and refine those goals.

Tonight we have our first group workout for Live Right Now. Not sure what we'll be doing if it's a class or if we'll be on the weight floor. If we're on the weight floor, I will try to do a combination of either a bike or treadmill for cardio and then some upper body (and maybe lower body too) machine work.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Live Right Now

Here I am modelling my new t-shirt!
I'm part of the Crowfoot YMCA CBC Live Right Now team. We had our first meeting tonight and will meet weekly for 6 months to become healthier together!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February means turning over a new leaf

February 5 already and this is my first post for the month. Life feels like it's spinning wildly out of control and luckily I've got my seat belt on or I'd be thrown off into some crazy trajectory that I may not recover from. Will it ever feel like I'm in control? Has it ever?
Big changes are coming down the pike. New job, new fitness challenge, what else does this year hold in store? Can't wait to find out.
New job-begins mid-month. More of a desk job, it'll be interesting how it affects my daily # of steps. I'll try to take the steps to the 8th floor, rather than the elevator. Maybe use an exercise ball chair thingy(such a scientific term) to develop stronger core muscles?
New fitness challenge begins Wednesday. Not sure what it will involve but I am VERY excited to be working out at the YMCA each week. It should keep me accountable and let me focus a little on me each week. I need to work on not feeling guilty when I do something for me.
OH! I hit a huge milestone today, 60 punds lost!!! Pats self on back!