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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coach Approach

Met with my goal coach last night at the Y.
We set a few long term goals, answered some questions/self assessment style, and then she gave me some suggestions on what exercises to try.

Long term Goals

1) Improve overall cardiovascular endurance

2) Improve overall muscle mass

3) Improve overall body composition (decrease body fat, increase muscle mass- see goal #2, toning)

We will meet again in ~ 2 weeks to reassess and refine those goals.

Tonight we have our first group workout for Live Right Now. Not sure what we'll be doing if it's a class or if we'll be on the weight floor. If we're on the weight floor, I will try to do a combination of either a bike or treadmill for cardio and then some upper body (and maybe lower body too) machine work.

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