"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Saturday, July 12, 2014

This run fueled by energybits

So I decided to give this algae thing a try. I didn't want to commit for a full bag and was happy to see some of their ambassadors sold samples. I purchased 3 samples of energy bits from @ARunningChick 
My training has been less then stellar recently. But I planned a long run for this morning to try them out.  Normally before a run I'll have coffee and a piece of toast with peanut butter. I skipped the toast and the coffee as we had no milk in the house (inconceivable). On to the energybits. I took as directed. Swallowed whole with some water. I took them in groups of 5. Seemed like there were more than 30 in the pack, but I didn't count.  Then off I went. My stomache felt full during the run (in fact it still does 1.5h later). Only felt uncomfortable when I had some burps that definitely were 'green' in flavor. 
Unfortunately I didn't sprout wings to power me up the hill at km 9, but I made it farther up the hill than I did a few weeks ago.  
Not sure if it really affected my performance. I did have a faster pace, but that could be from the fact I didn't run all week.
All in all a positive experience. I'll try some more at a race in 2 weeks and see what happens. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I've joined this challenge to jump start my half-training. Join in the fun at shrinkingjeans.net

Sunday, June 15, 2014

That was ugly

Well I signed up for the half-marathon earlier this week. The plan was to use it as a benchmark to see where my fitness is.  I knew it wouldn't be pretty due to my lack of preparation, but I didn't expect it to be THAT ugly.
It was a course I'm familiar with and gave run both 10k & half's on last year. it's an out and back course arund the reservoir.  It has one big hill about 2.5 km in and you descend to the river level.  On the return trip, I allow myself to walk up it as I can walk it about as fast as I can run it.
I did okay through the first 5, with a time of 31:51, likely went out too fast, but not crazily so. Second five I slowed down, but was feeling okay. And reached the 10k point in 1:04:35. At the turn around (I took a gu gel, my first time using them) and some water.  Up to this point I was using honey stinger chews and Nuun.  This is when things started to go down hill...unfortunately me, not the course.  My legs started feeling tired and I was struggling to run even on the flats. Uh oh.  I reached 15km at 1:42:08.   At the last water station, with ~2.5km left, my left leg seized up. We're talking huge knot on the inside just above my knee and cramping in my calf.  Wasn't sure if I'd be able to run again, but certainly didn't want to walk the last 2.5km. It took me 40 minutes(!!) to run the next 5km, reaching 20 km at 2:22:44.  And finishing in in 2:30:08. 
I am embracing my Back of the Pack status proudly.
Legs are sore, but I'm mobile.  Didnt feel so great after the race, had to take a nap, thought I might get sick, blech. Not sure if it was the GUor what. Don't think I'll be using that again.  At least I have my starting point for training and what I need to do, um go out and run, duh?!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Commitment - or lack thereof

Just signed up for the half - marathon on Saturday.
I haven't been training, but will use it to gauge where I am at.
I'm guessing it won't be pretty.  But I'm familiar with the course which can be both a blessing and a curse.

It will be a good way to blow off steam from this week at work.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

To the hills

Yesterday was race day and it turned out quite well.  The weather was perfect, sunny, slight breeze, ~15c at the start. It did get warm durning the race, but better than rain or snow. I do wish they would have earlier starts for these races, push it to an 8 am start and then it won't get so warm. But enough of my complaining, on to the race:
I signed up for the 15K and went in with little to no training. We had just come back from holidays in Hawaii where the majority of my exercise was walking & swimming. I was curious to see what (if any) endurance I had. Again my goal for this race was to finish. So we started off just after 9 with a gradual climb to Nose Hill. Afte the first km my mouth felt dry, so I popped some stinger chews and drank some Nuun. I settled into an easy pace knowing the hills were coming. I'm not a fan of run:walk, but today I was listening to my body. So I walked up the hills. Sometimes I would walk to the top, sometimes I would start running before I crested. So I puttered along on my own. I hit the 7.5 km turn around point at ~52 min. Drank some water, gave myself a pep talk and started the trip back.
I was looking forward to the downhill, but there were a lot of rollers so the downhill didn't truly kick in until ~12.5 km. I tried to open up my stride and let gravity do most of the work.  I found out how challenging it is to run negative splits- even downhill! I was able to click a time of 1:45:06. Considering I ran a 15K last year on the flats along the Bow in ~1:40 last year, I'm happy with this. Just imagine if I had trained?!
Here's to the MEC Calgary, Race #4 in 3 weeks at North Glenmore Park.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting back to it

First run last night after a 3 week break from running. Mind you I was swimming most every day, either snorkeling, jumping waves or treading water; not just sitting around. I used this as a test run to see if i should sign up for the next MEC race (#3 for those keeping count). 
While this was not the easiest of runs, it wasn't terrible.  5k in 33 min. Then I walked a bit. Then I ran another 1.6 km, a bit slower. 
So gauging from my breathing and effort, I went ahead and signed up for the 15km run. My main goal is to finish, end of story. It's hard to set a time goal, since 1) the first part of the race is uphill and 2) I haven't been running regularly. 1 hour 30 min would be a dream goal, but again just want to finish and have fun. We shall see. Forecast says rain, but that's better than snow, right?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Well that was chilly, MEC Calgary Race #2 recap

Here it is , April 12 and the temp as I drive past the CBC building on memorial drive said -9C and there were snow flakes in the air.  I was on my way to Eau Claire Market for MEC race #2.  Colder than the race in January, which just happens to be the last time I ran outside. 

Thankfully Eau Claire market was open and warm. Headed outside at 8:50 for the group warm up and then we were off.  The Prince's Island Bridge was pretty icy, but the paths were pretty clear. Luckily, te wind wasn't too brutal. I think it was windier after the race. 

Race shows as 9.88 km on my Garmin, but I'll take rounding into account and call it good. Official time 1:01:11. Not a PR, but again, I'll take it. I will break 1 hour someday. 

Thanks to @Mec_Calgary and all the awesome volunteers (especially the one at the Crowchild bridge- you were great!) who make these races fun!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here we go again

Just registered for Melissa's Road Race on September 27, 2014.

Click here

I wasn't sure when registration would open.  So I checked just after midnight, not open. Then I checked again when I first woke up, still not open.  And then every 15 minutes thereafter until just after 7:00 am, success!
And yes, I did sign up for the half again.
The kids are thrilled as they want to stay in the B&B again.  I just want to better my time from last year- not too much to ask, right?

Thursday, January 9, 2014


First interval workout on the treadmill

I did it 4 times (and was glad to be done), not sure I believe it burns 100 calories per repeat, but better than nothing.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014- aka the year of the Treadmill

Amazingly Dh agreed to the procurement of a treadmill.  Not a super fancy one, a Horizon Ct5.3 which is equivalent to the T101. Since I'm not a speed demon, I think it will work just fine.  So we had the beast in the house since the 20th of December, but it wasnt until December 31 that it made the trek to the basement. And then a few more days before it was assembled, assessed it was working, lubed the belt etc.
So FINALLY,  took it out for its maiden run this morning. An easy 5K. I didn't use the incline or anything, since my last run was a 10k way back in November. I'm looking forward to running more half's this year and this should help build up my base big time.
Next race- MEC race #1, Jan 18th if the weather is decent.  Now to get a foot pod for my Garmin.

Knitting is going well, finished a hat made out of the Qiviut and LOVE it.
My goal is to try to finish some of the many projects I have in progress, before I start a new one. That means finish: 2 blankets, 2 sweaters, 1 shawl, 1 pair of socks, 1 cowl. whew!