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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Well that was chilly, MEC Calgary Race #2 recap

Here it is , April 12 and the temp as I drive past the CBC building on memorial drive said -9C and there were snow flakes in the air.  I was on my way to Eau Claire Market for MEC race #2.  Colder than the race in January, which just happens to be the last time I ran outside. 

Thankfully Eau Claire market was open and warm. Headed outside at 8:50 for the group warm up and then we were off.  The Prince's Island Bridge was pretty icy, but the paths were pretty clear. Luckily, te wind wasn't too brutal. I think it was windier after the race. 

Race shows as 9.88 km on my Garmin, but I'll take rounding into account and call it good. Official time 1:01:11. Not a PR, but again, I'll take it. I will break 1 hour someday. 

Thanks to @Mec_Calgary and all the awesome volunteers (especially the one at the Crowchild bridge- you were great!) who make these races fun!

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