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Sunday, June 15, 2014

That was ugly

Well I signed up for the half-marathon earlier this week. The plan was to use it as a benchmark to see where my fitness is.  I knew it wouldn't be pretty due to my lack of preparation, but I didn't expect it to be THAT ugly.
It was a course I'm familiar with and gave run both 10k & half's on last year. it's an out and back course arund the reservoir.  It has one big hill about 2.5 km in and you descend to the river level.  On the return trip, I allow myself to walk up it as I can walk it about as fast as I can run it.
I did okay through the first 5, with a time of 31:51, likely went out too fast, but not crazily so. Second five I slowed down, but was feeling okay. And reached the 10k point in 1:04:35. At the turn around (I took a gu gel, my first time using them) and some water.  Up to this point I was using honey stinger chews and Nuun.  This is when things started to go down hill...unfortunately me, not the course.  My legs started feeling tired and I was struggling to run even on the flats. Uh oh.  I reached 15km at 1:42:08.   At the last water station, with ~2.5km left, my left leg seized up. We're talking huge knot on the inside just above my knee and cramping in my calf.  Wasn't sure if I'd be able to run again, but certainly didn't want to walk the last 2.5km. It took me 40 minutes(!!) to run the next 5km, reaching 20 km at 2:22:44.  And finishing in in 2:30:08. 
I am embracing my Back of the Pack status proudly.
Legs are sore, but I'm mobile.  Didnt feel so great after the race, had to take a nap, thought I might get sick, blech. Not sure if it was the GUor what. Don't think I'll be using that again.  At least I have my starting point for training and what I need to do, um go out and run, duh?!

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