"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

in a rut

Not sure why I blog- mostly to amuse myself I guess, 'cause there are a lot of blogs out their re: weight loss. What's so special about mine? Seems I'm perpetually on a plateau, losing weight at a snail's pace. Hey, but at least I'm losing.
Not sure if I'm getting anything out of the blogging, except the guilty feeling that I should be writing more often.
Ever try to keep something going that is potentially good for you, but the guilt was overpowering?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feel it again

Whew! I can feel my thighs again, thanks to the likes of the cardio & sculpting workouts of your fitness evolved & the xbox kinect. In just a mere 2 days it has proven to me that
1) I'm not really in shape and
2) I need to be doing more than just walking the dog.
Walking is good for maintaining weight loss, a minimum amount of energy expenditure. I need to bring out the big guns and kick this weight loss into high gear.
I've given myself a modest challenge to burn 900 calories via the xbox in one month. I'm hoping to use it a minimum of 3 times per week more if my schedule allows. Trouble is, once the kids see me on there, they want to play video games, while I want to work out- can't we all just get along?
Here's to tomorrow and some more cardio workout!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking back

This time last year I weighed in at 167. Currently I'm weighing in at about 151. So I only lost 16 pounds this past year, but I figure it's better to be down than up. For comparison, the first year of my lifestyle change, I started at 210 and lost 43 pounds over the course of the year.

I feel the past year was all about lose a pound or two and then spend a month at that new weight getting used to it. I think this is because I wasn't doing a high intensity exercise program. This is why I'm contemplating running again. Of course-I'm still just contemplating. I did get a copy of a 10k training program out, but it's just sitting on the counter. How do I take that first step and get going? Plus I should get a new pair of running shoes, but don't have a spare $100 sitting around. What to do....meanwhile maybe I'll start the 200 crunch challenge-again.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new leaf

What better time to start blogging again then on the first day of the New Year. I'm sure the bloggesphere is inundated with posts about resolutions, hopes and fears for the upcoming year. I've read a few here and there, and if anything they have prompted my own introspection as to what I hope to accomplish this year.
I am pleased with my continuing focus on my health. While I am not a dedicated exerciser- I try to keep my end of the bargain with the dog and get a minimum 45 min walk in daily. I hope to increase my daily exercise when my copy of your fitness evolved for the xbox 360 & Kinect arrives sometime this week.
I am contemplating the thought of running again and have pulled out a training schedule for a learn to run 10K. I enjoyed learning to run a 5K and continued to run into the fall. Once the weather turned cold & my schedule got less flexible, my running dropped off.
So here it is January, not exactly the warmest month in Calgary, but this is when started couch to 5k 2 years ago, so why not now? I'll let you know how it goes.
I will attempt to be a 'better' housekeeper this year. I do a darn good job keeping up on the mountains of laundry & dishes- but this allows me to be a total slacker on vacuuming and other assorted chores (such as bathrooms & mopping). I've tried to follow fly lady before and fall apart at about the second week. We'll see how I do as I attempt a regular cleaning schedule.
so other than the regular run of the mill resolutions, nothing too out of the ordinary here. I'll strive to be a better mom to my kids through bettering myself. All the best in 2011!