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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Long live the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

I'm pleased to say my Kitchen Aid stand mixer is still alive. The last time I had used it, it was early in the morning and I wasn't fully awake as I turned the mixer on to cream some butter for Snickerdoodles, but the bowl wasn't locked down. I thought I had bent the shaft that the paddle attaches to, makng the mixer inoperable. That day it seemed to work, but only at one speed.
I was distraught as the mixer is out of warranty, not that thus stupid act would be covered, but I'm guessing the repair would cost as much or more than a new mixer. So today I tread cautiously a I added the butter & sugar to make ginger lemon sandwich cookies.
Low speeds seemed to work fine. So I slowly stepped up the speed and it seems to work fine, fingers crossed, touch wood and all that. It does seem to walk more across the counter than it used to, but I can live with this.
It's a good thing as I'd like to make whipped cream tomorrow so I can make a chocolate wafer/whipped cream cake for my birthday.
I LOVE my Kitchen AId Stand Mixer!!

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