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Wednesday, March 6, 2019


So I am continuing to run, see my tracker on the right? >
The mileage is low, and I'm kind of stuck on week 5 of c25K.
When the run for 20 minutes showed up on week 5 d2, I laughed.

I ran intervals instead.
I am working on embracing run/walk intervals.
Right now I am trying 4 min running at 4.5 mph and 1.5 min walking at 3.6 mph

It seems to be working.
I tweaked my knee at some point this past week- walking the dog or something- so when I transition from my warm up walk to my first run interval it is downright painful!
But then it eases up- like the knee cap moves into the proper location.

I continue with the 30 day fitness challenge- legs- level 2.

Progress is slow, but steady.

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