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Friday, December 18, 2015

Technical difficulties- please stand by...

So I had a rather odd thing happen last night.
Of course, I left my run until later in the evening and as I went to plug in my treadmill- I noticed something in the outlet.  Sorry- didn't take a picture of it, so bear with me as I describe that there was a prong sticking out of the outlet.
Somehow- the ground prong of the plug broke off.
Well crap.
I was able to get it out of the socket, but was worried if I used the plug that I might fry the electronics of my awesome piece of crap treadmill.
I am grateful that I own a treadmill in the first place.  As I am the first one to point out that I will not run outside when it is snowing and -13 C (8.6 F)  Yes, I am a wimp.
So I've broken my #RWRunstreak again- sigh...
And I may have to brave the winter weather (i.e- suck it up) in order to keep - what's a runner trying to get back into shape to do.. Ugh

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