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Saturday, July 20, 2013

MEC Race #4/5- Half marathon

Once a venue was confirmed, North Glenmore Park, the race was on! Picked up my bib on Friday night. The race had a 9am start, too late in my opinion, so the big question was how warm would it get?  I didn't want to recreate how I felt after our neighborhood half 3 weeks ago.
The night before I drank 16oz of water with 1 Nuun tablet. I also had a piece of bread with Peanut Butter Co's Dark Chocolate Dreams. This morning I still felt full, but knew I needed something. I had my coffee with a slice of bread with regular peanut butter, some banana and some water.  It seemed to work. I also stopped at every aide station and took Gatorade & water.
I haven't looked at my splits yet, but knew I was fast (for me) in the first 10k. I reached the water station at ~ 1:07.  Things slowed down from there, it was getting warmer a few more walk beaks etc. Don't get me wrong, this was my first chip timed half-marathon & I'm super pleased with my Garmin time of 2:24:27, gun time was: 2:24:29.16. I finished 11 out of 14 females- though really I'm #10 as the girl ahead of me, didn't finish the course properly- she made a dash for the finish line- once she saw it- cheater! (no hard feelings). LOL
Now I'll take a week off and then start training for the Melissa's road Race in Banff on September 28th. 

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