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Friday, August 10, 2012

Various Knitting Projects

I work a lot on my iPad and I haven't figured out how to upload photos to my blog from the iPad itself.

But here a few pictures of my recent knitting projects which can also be seen/found on Ravelry ( a cool knitting site)
Circle baby blanket

Basket weave baby blanket

My first pair of socks- This is the first sock which is now finished & I've started on the second sock.  No second sock syndrome for me!

Yesterday I stopped by my LYS (local yarn store) The Knitting Room and splurged on some Cascade Heritage Hand Painted Yarn in Tropical Seas.

I'm going to use this to do a pair of socks- two at a time following Wise Hilda's pattern.  I'm using her pattern as I'm using her Wise Hilda Basic Ribbed Sock pattern which I am finding easy to follow and the first sock fits like a dream!

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