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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Post from my July Foodie Pen Pal- Andrea C

I just received the following email from my foodie Pen Pal Andrea C.- here's her take on what I sent her.

In Mel’s blog post “July Foodie Pen Pal Reveal” she writes “I mailed my goodies to Andrea C. She doesn’t have a blog currently … but I hope she like what I sent her.”

Hello everyone! I’m Andrea C., and yes, my blog is currently in development. Did I enjoy the goodies Mel sent me? ABSOLUTELY!!!
I was really excited when Mel reached out to me in early July to get a feel for my food preferences. She asked me to answer a few questions such as what’s my favourite kitchen gadget to if I prefer salty or sweet food items. I told Mel that although I eat just about everything, I do prefer gluten-free treats/snacks but told her not to worry if she couldn’t find anything – my love for gf foods is just a preference.
I was so touched when I discovered that the box she sent me contained so many delicious gf snacks … all of which I’ve never tried before. 

The first item I ripped open was the Yum nuts. Who can resist chocolate covered cashews? They were amazing … not too salty or too sweet.
I have the box of lentil crackers at my desk at work. They’re a crunchy version of one of my favourite soups – lentil!
The Turbana plantain chips have a hint of garlic and are simply delicious! I haven’t tried the sesame crepes yet. I’m saving that goodie for the upcoming long weekend. I’m thinking of making banana foster to put inside those tasty crepes! What do you think?
One of my favourite items is the Kona Bar. In Mel’s handwritten note, she mentioned that she picked some up during her trip to Hawaii. One of her friends has a coffee plantation and supplies the coffee that goes into the Kona chocolate bar. Very cool!!  (if you are interested, Kona Bars can be purchased here)
Mel also included lavender face/hand wipes (to wipe away the chocolate from my mouth, perhaps J) and a recipe for chocolate hummus. I’m in heaven! I’ve never made chocolate hummus before … I didn’t even know there was such a thing.
Thanks again, Mel, for putting together an amazing package and for allowing me to be a guest blogger. As I mentioned to you in my email, you made a girl from Ontario very happy!!

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