"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So you think you can run a 10k? Why yes. YES I can!

Today was the day I've supposedly been training for. Run the Hood '11. I had signed up to run a 10k. I haven't run that distance before. In fact, the farthest I've run is 5k, except for the 4.75 miles I ran on a treadmill a few weeks ago (my only training for this race-oops).

This was a virtual race and what appealed to me was it was just a run. Just me versus the clock. Virtual means a little less stressful. Not the whole travel to someplace new at o'dark hundred and wait in line for a port-a-pottie.

My goals for this race were to:
1) Finish the 10K
2) Aim for a time of 1 hour 15min.

I mapped out a couple of different runs using map my run. I chose this one last night as I didn't have to cross too many roads.

Route I mapped out

Here I am just before heading out. I'm not wearing my race t-shirt 'cause I was too cheap to have the Sisterhood send two shipments to Canada, so I'll get it with all the other goodies, post-race.

It was a cooler day here in Calgary, partly sunny, ~5.5 C(~42 F).

Like I said before, I mapped my run, but I didn't read it well- this is what I actually ran

Mel's Run the Hood '11

So I ran 11.34 km (7.05 miles) in 1:16:52, average pace was 10:54 min/mile.

I ran 20 min, then walked 1 min. I walked several other times, usually 30s or so, but lost track. So I would have had a rockin' good time if I had actually run just 10k. But even better is I broke through the psychological barrier of 10k. Yes. Yes I can run 10K (and then some)!

Hope everyone else had a great run as well!


  1. You did it (and then some)- yippee!!!! And quite a respectable time, too. Congrats!!!

  2. Whoohooooo! Great job! It's great to break through those mental blocks!

  3. Awesome job, Mel!! P.S. I went ahead and sent the shirt separate, hoping you would get it before race day, but none of our Canadians got them in time. BUMMER!