"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Groundhog Day

I have been so focused on the number on the scale. Everyday I step on it and there's that same nimbler 160. Maybe a tad higher, but rarely lower. I feel like the movie Groundhog Day, repeating until you get I right.
Well I've come to the realization that I should celebrate the fact that I have lost 50 pounds and have kept it off. How silly of me that I did not record the actual day when I could proudly declare I had lost 50 pounds.
Since then, I have had many NSV but rarely take note of them. Now that will change.
Starting with the fact that we went hiking on the weekend and we did a 9 mile rt hike with the kids. We all had a good time and there was minimal complaining during the hike.
NSV#2-One day, now nearly 2 w ago, I biked to work- which is ~7 mile rt. This isn't such a big deal for my fabulously fit dh, but for me I was able to overcome my fear of seeing my big butt on a bike seat- cue Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls here-LOL.
So here is to recognizing my accomplishments and taking note!

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