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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Post-birthday blues

Is it okay if I complain a little? Yesterday was my birthday and I have to say it was probably THE worst one in recent memory.  Considering I couldn't remember my current age a few weeks ago while getting a flu shot, doesn't say too much about my current brain capacity- but that's a story for another day. Oh I am now 46 by the way, but who's counting, who cares?

All I asked for was to take a trip to a lys, little/local yarn store/shop.  No big deal.
I got more birthday wishes on Facebook, than I did from the 4 family members who inhabit the same house with me.  Child #2 gave an over the shoulder, 1/2 a room away non-chalant greeting. I asked Child #3 to score a goal during her soccer game, which she did,so I paid her $5. Namely I'm am beyond po'd at dh who said nothing, nada, zilch. A simple 'happy birthday' seemed to be too much to cross his lips. 
Meanwhile, I baked a bastardized cheese cake-yes I have to bake my own  birthday cakes (but this is nothing new as I prefer my baking over store bought crap ) because said dh wouldn't go to the store. Granted, it was windy and snowy and lucky for him it was still edible. 
So,since I'm a Scorpio I am well aware of my ability to hold a grudge and I have a feeling this one may last a while. 
Am I being unjustified/selfish in my anger? I guess I better get used to it and suck it up- hmph

ETA: made it to lys and treated myself to 2 pairs of knitters pride karbonz circular needles. Now I'm a happy camper. 

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