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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why 7 minutes means so much

So I ran in the Melissa's Road Race 22K this past weekend.  I enjoyed the race.  The temps were perfect.  I ran well for the first 15K and then just self destructed.  It was a PR time for me at this distance 2:22:32 and my 3rd Half-Marathon this year.  I should be proud, so why do I feel so disappointed?
I wanted to hit a time of 2:15.  Not a rocket fast pace for so many of the running blogs I read, but a goal none the less for this former overweight pseudo runner.
When I run a race, my two goals are not to be last and to finish the race.  I always have a time in my head that I'd like to run, but usually don't share that time with anyone, in case I don't meet it.  But maybe if

Now the next big question, do I keep training and run another half on Oct. 19th, MEC-Calgary Race Seven? Or do I try to PR at a shorter distance?

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