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Friday, May 10, 2013

Overdue Race Reports

I have been remiss in reporting on the 2 races I have run.

I ran a 10K back in April (the 13th to be exact).  I had been back home less than 24h when we hit the pavement for the MEC Calgary Race #2
I ran an 'okay' race, especially for not having run for 10 days prior. I cam in 109/126 with a time of 1:08:42.
5 minutes off my PR, but again battling jet lag & a huge temperature differential I can't complain.  Though I will complain about the hill just before the turn around point.  While it was fine running downhill to the turnaround I conceded and walked up the hill as I figured it would be easier for all interested parties.

This past Saturday was the MEC Calgary Race #3.  This one was a big deal for me as I signed up to run 15K.  I've never run more than 10K in a race.  So between the 10K race in April and this race the first weekend of May I ran 12.5K and then 10K to prep.  My goals for this race were to not come in last and to try and beat a time of 1:45. I'm pleased to say I accomplished both.  I was 70/75 with a time of 1:40:43.75
But the big surprise was I acquired 4 black toenails. Lovely.

Now I am toying with running a half-marathon at MEC Calgary Race #4  What 21.1K? I think I've lost my mind. While I haven't signed up for the race yet, but I have started an 8 week training program.  I am following this training program (courtesy of Runner's World Magazine).  One modification is I will try to run my 'long' runs on Saturday's rather than Sundays as our race day is a Saturday.

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