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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Run the 'Hood May 2012- Race to Remember- Race Recap

Well, with little training under my belt, I prepared for the Run the 'Hood 2012 Race to Remember this morning.
I ran this on Sunday as Monday is not a holiday in Canada, and i wasn't confident I could go out and race a hard 10k and make it to work in the same morning.
It was great running weather this morning.  Overcast and cool, about 5C or 41F.  I had leggings and my light crop pants and then a long underwear top, my shirt from the October 2011 Run the 'Hood, and then a long sleeve technical shirt which I kept on the whole time.  I haven't received my race packet yet, bummer :(  But will celebrate when it does arrive.

Ready to hit the road

I modified my route from October, so I wouldn't end up running further than I needed to.  I felt good during the run. My core felt strong (must have been all that core work in the six-pack March workout).
My legs felt tired mid-way during the run (lack of training).  I listened to a lot of 80's music during the run, and was using the Nike+ workout feature on my iPod, but neglected to calibrate it before this morning-doh. So the trainer kept telling me, only so many km left to go, and I kept telling her- nope, you've got it wrong lady!LOL
I left enough reserves to put in a pretty good kick at the end and was very happy when my watch showed me this time:

10K race time!
now with 2 'virtual' 10K's under my belt, maybe I'll have the guts to register for a 10K in my city.
Happy racing to all the other participants!

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