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Thursday, June 16, 2011

MyTrak- first impressions

So I started wearing the MyTrak yesterday. I've heard the first week is quite easy to 'go for green'. This morning I had the ring of green before lunchtime which I thought was odd. I'm still wearing my my Omron pedometer to compare the two.
I don't really enjoy having to plug in the MyTrak to the computer to upload the data, but so be it. What I found interesting was when I logged in online and looked at my profile,

Okay- that information I can live with, but it was this next bit that really got me peeved:

Your maximum recommended daily caloric intake should be: 905 Calories per day
Um- Excuse me?
No one, who is actively seeking to lose weight (and keep it off) can do so on 905 calories a day. Now granted I put in that I wanted to lose 20 pounds between now and Aug. 31st which is a huge stretch for me (I didn't even lose 20 pounds last YEAR) But who are they kidding? I plan on writing to Mytrak and complain, because that is not healthy.


  1. I'm curious if you have gone back to see if that number changed. After I read this I went to mine and the number seems to be much higher now because I remember at first being shocked like you. Now mine must be based on my exercise and is quite reasonable. I am having fun with the gadget but find the stuff online hard to figure out.

  2. I was the same, that first week the numbers are all "learning" and mine made a lot more sense once that initial period was over too.