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Monday, June 13, 2011

Making time for me

This is probably the toughest thing to do as a mom. Kids, husband, job all seem to take priority and then some days you feel as though you need to schedule when to take a shower.
Especially at the end of the school year, there are multiple activities and year end events to attend. It’s a careful orchestration of daily activities to ensure the kids are where they are supposed to be as well as the requisite number of adults to get them there. That can be an issue when there are only 2 of us and three of them.
But back to me- as I’m the one who’s whining & crying.
I want to start running (again), but the dog needs walking and I hate running with the dog ‘cause once he stops, then I stop running and I have the hardest time starting again. I keep dropping the word treadmill around the house and am scouring kijji & craigslist, but I’m not sure that is the answer either.

So for those of you that have kids & pets and other priorities (read-everyone)- how/when do you get your exercise in?

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