"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Friday, May 7, 2010

Here comes the sun

Today was a day off for me- hooray! And it was the first day where we had sunshine that actually felt warm. I've heard rumors that we may get more "precipitation" next week, but I'll worry about that then- and enjoy this little change. Geesh, you'd think this was a weather blog or something?
So we walked to school this morning and then I took the resident mutt on a long walk. It's always a good feeling to hit my 10,000+ steps on my pedometer before I've really done anything. The rest of the day I've run errands and puttered. While I was at the library, I always stop in and peek at the used books for sale, 'cause who can pass up a good $0.50 book?! The one that caught my eye was 'The day I ate whatever I wanted' by Elizabeth Berg. Once I read it, I'll post my thoughts.
Food wise all is going well. Waiting for TOM to rear it's ugly head. I decided not to run the Mother's Day 5k since I didn't want to worry about work schedule conflicts.
Meanwhile I've been a bit food obsessive as of late- I must feel I'm being denied something- I'll have to figure out just what that is. But my timer just went off to take these beauties out of the oven Bon Appetit's Carrot Cake Cookies . Next on my list are these Pioneer Woman's Spicy Molasses Cookies . And while I'm at it- if you have an iPhone- be sure to try David Lebovitz's new app, it's awesome!

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