"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Seneca

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


In light of the void that has been sitting heavily on me (literally), I've decided to fight it in hand to hand combat i.e.-better eating and more exercise, 'cause i need to toe the line if I want to reach the end goal.
I've realized with my new work schedule, I'm not able to attend aerobics like I was previously and it's had a direct effect on my mood. I like my step aerobics! So in lieu of going to the gym, I'm going to try the 200 hundred sit up and the 200 hundred squats challenge. If these go well, I may even try the100 push ups challenge. I took the initial tests and did great in the squats- I was able to do 60 squats and probably could have done more, but boy were my knees creaking. In the sit ups, I was able to do 25, so I have lots of room for improvement in this area. Push ups will serve me well and help me to start toning my arms (especially my bat wings).
Starting this has helped me to re-kick start my motivation to lose weight and get & stay healthy. This, combined with the upcoming summer weight loss challenge on 3 Fat Chicks and helpful podcasts from Diet Girl & Mizfit should help guide me to the success I am looking for.

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